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Took advantage of end of season sale a few weeks ago and picked up a new 2015 Hobie Outback SOT with the mirage pedal drive.

Last 2 weekends were spent in shallow water getting used to the yak and figuring out exactly how I wanted it rigged.

Thursday was my maiden fishing voyage on northern end of Hemlock lake. Ran into a problem with power to the fishfinder, so I was flying blind; but I couldn't pass up the awesome weather.

Although I couldn't get an exact reading from my phone GPS, figured my speed was anywhere from 1.5 - 3 mph. Was pulling a smaller Pine Valley spoon on a diver about 25 ft deep and a floating rap about 120 ft behind me. Ended up with 3 small mouths off the spoon.

Overall, a good experience, the mirage drive made a huge difference compared to traditional paddling. Can't wait to get more time in on this yak. Not giving up my sit-in yak, but can see where each one can be used for different situations.

Did I mention the scenery was spectacular?

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