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Hemlock Catfish 10-10

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Caught and released this guy yesterday caught him down 30 over 80 feet of water on the core. Pretty cool fish really a surprise and certainly a first. He was 30" and at least 7" across. Did one other Laker about 28" and a 5 other hits. Water really cooling down now 63 nice temp break at 40 feet drops right to 48 degrees. 






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Sweet fish Chuck - how do you catch all these exotic species out of Hemlock?


I got out on the South end for a bit yesterday morning, first time on Hemlock in 2 months...  Caught one nice 23" Rainbow over 70' on a size 0 dipsy, setting 2, 137' back on a Pink/Gold Stingray, and a Laker, about 26" on the 40' Downrigger with a Finger Lakes Tackle Alpha Alewife .  Laker was over 50' of water.  Beautiful day, a bit windy though...


I'll probably hit again next Sunday weather permitting

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having grown up in texas where i caught 100s of channel cats, they always hadsome spots on them. The color on your cat, Chuck, is different from any channel i've caught, but again, those were from Tx. I'll be curious to hear with the DEC says, but their responses don't always convince me!



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