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Painting an aluminum boat


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I painted my 18 ft Lund just last year, DA boat,  mask everything, and a friend Painted it in my garage, we used regular automotive base coat clear coat two colors  bought at Colours didn't use PPG went with there cheaper brand everything cost me 500.00 boat turned out great. I would think if you take it to a regular body shop you would be looking at about 1,500 that's if you can find one that will do it most won't get involved with boats.

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Lol I.bought 4 cans of white tractor enamel for.my 16 foot aluminum years ago. It looked awesome get the high gloss white just make sure you mask off everything and do it outside if you can. Came out beautiful got alot of compliments when I sold it. Tractor supply like 3 bucks a can.

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