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If you want to stay inexpensive look for bows that are sold under the store brand but made by a top manufacturer...dicks has bows called like "rack attack" but the bow is made by Martin which is a good company. They are usually $399 ready to shoot. Cabelas does the same thing. Your accessories are generally basic but you can always upgrade next season. You'll save maybe $100-$200 and still have a reliable bow . Mission also offers nice bows that don't break the bank

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I bought a Martin Melee at Field and Stream. Love it !! 349 + 60 bucks for arrows all set . you don't need and expensive bow from an archery shop.I still have my old Browning Heat shoots nice my back up.

Good luck and get a bow first the season is longer

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I've always shot Bear Archery bows. IMO they are the best hunting bows for the money. I currently shoot the Bear Strike. It's small, light, quiet, accommodates my 30.5" draw length, and simple to shoot. Whatever u do, don't get hung up on needing the fastest or most popular bow. Good luck

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