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Must Watch Salmon Vid


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Well. It is very unfortunate for this to be happening, seems as jf there are more and more of these horrible economical and natural "disasters" taking place...I don't know what else to say.

On a positive note it is nice to see that some people are putting effort forth to try and put a stop to this. Thanks for sharing.

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I have followed Alex Morton through her research in BC for years and I always thought our Canadian officials had our best interest in mind. Why destroy a natural resource by hiding research that shows there is a problem. I guess money solves all problems and as long as consumers support farm fish by consuming their product we are going to loose our fisheries

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I think there should be some testing of the stocks being used for Lake O's Atlantic program, given how wide spread this virus appears to be. And what about the virus tipping into Pacific salmon species? Anyone heard anything? Asked anybody?

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