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New to the forum and NY.  Moved to Sackets Harbor in October from Pittsburgh, PA, wife is in the Army and stationed at Fort Drum.  I grew up fishing Lake Erie for smallies and walleye, but sold my 17' CC last May to move into something bigger.  Just picked up a new to me 2004 Wellcraft 220 dual console with a 200 yam 4-stroke on Saturday.  Looking forward to setting it up for walleye and salmon/trout trolling over the winter.  Thanks in advance for all the tips and advice.






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Welcome aboard CK3080, I also live in PA. This is a great site with tons of info. No question is a dumb one, might get a wise crack thrown in there don't take it seriously it's all in fun. I like the Sackets Harbor area, we like going to the battle areas very interesting. Good luck & tight lines.

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