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Hey there guys,


Gettin' rid of all my trolling gear because I'm stuck in a bit of a financial pickle and a few items left... I will post more as they turn up on me because I'm the type of guy that likes to store all of my belongings everywhere :)   What I have right now is a Used but fully function Moor Sub-Troll 900 Probe Transmitter.... Works just like it did when it was brand new.... I have owned this thing since it was new it's like 4 years old but I maintained it very well.... I never neglected to change the O-ring seal and keep it greased so the printed circuit board inside NEVER EVER got a drop of water on it.....  It also comes with a Klincher kit that I used to attach the rigger ball to it. I last used it back in Spring and then I put my boat up for sale.... I am selling it seperate from the Display unit because one of my friends was helping me set up my boat for launch and he was getting the sub-troll ready to rock and some-way and some-how he found a power chord he found in my box of electrical goodies I have stashed in my garage, thinking that it was the proper power chord for the Sub-troll Display unit.... with all the bad luck in the world the power chord had a male end on it that fit inside the port on the back of the display unit that the transmitter cable is supposed to plug into and it has the antenna at the end you put your coated cable through in order to transmit the readings from the probe to the display unit..... So when we getting ready to go out on the water he plugged this power chord into the wrong port and hooked it up to a marine battery and it fried some circuitry inside of the Display unit because he powered something that wasn't supposed to be powered!  I disassembled the display unit and head a couple buddies that are electronics technicians look at it but they couldn't put their finger on exactly what part was fried... At the moment I'm not sure where the remains of the Display Unit is but I will post it as I find it....  So right now I have the Probe, with a Klincher Kit, and I have the antenna cable, I believe its 25 ft I gotta double check............... Moor Electronics sells the replacement probes for $188.00 Klincher for $12.00 and the 25 ft antenna cable for $27.00.   I'm looking to get $130.00 for all 3........ Price is a little bit negotiable but I'm sure there is not a single soul that doesn't think that I am asking a very very fair price as it is...... I will find out the exact length of the antenna cable and post an update.  I am located in Ithaca, NY..... I have paypal and am a practicing ebay seller with positive feedback... I will ship anywhere that I need to ship to, my only stipulation is I don't prefer checks or money orders.  Paypal is fine, and even Western Union and Moneygram would be great as I could use the cash in hand as quick as possible I have to empty out a storage locker of mine before winter and buy a new vehicle (not sure what first :) LOL )    If a buyer is willing to pay with Western Union and Moneygram we can work out a discount deal with that because there is potential risk involved, with the internet being full of crooks that is... Again, Wire transfer would be Nice but it is not 100% necessary Paypal is my next preferred method of payment... Please no checks or money orders, although if there is absolutely no other option for you (LOL Old timers and their paper checks! LOL LOL ) I can make an exception but I just ask you to consider one of my preferred payment methods.  I have been a quiet member of LOU for a few years now and I just want to pass off savings to a fellow fisherman while I in turn put my affairs back in order.


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