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Reels, divers, releases, dive bombs, flashers, plugs, rigger cable terminals

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Putting the boat away this week and cleaning out some extra gear. Payment via PayPal only please.


2 - Diawa Accudepth 47LC, both with upgraded drag washers from Tuna Tom's, one has 1000' of 30lb 7 strand Mason wire, one has approx. 900' of 30lb 7 strand Blood Run wire and may need a new level wind gear (a $6 kit from Tuna Tom's) as it tends to stop on one end or another from time to time. $130 shipped


2- Diawa Sealine Great Lakes 47LC, one has 1000' of 30lb 7 strand Mason wire, one has 1000' of 30lb 7 strand Blood Run wire. $120 shipped SOLD


4 - Dipsy divers, two are Lurk Disco Divers magnum size chrome and clear both with UV tape, two are Luhr Jensen Dipsy divers in the 107mm size one with ring and one without. $30 shipped​​


2 - Shimano Mooching reels, one is the older style, one is the newer style loaded with 20lb Trilene Big Game Mono. $60 shipped - SOLD


1 - Cannon downrigger terminal kit, contains 6 sets of crimpless terminals, brand new never opened. $15 shipped - SOLD


21 - Releases, twelve OR16's (with pin), two OR14's (medium tension), one OR18 Snapper release, two heavy tension offshore downrigger releases, two Big Jon jettison releases, and two yellow bird releases. All in good condition used for one season or less. $60 shipped - SOLD


5 - dive bombs with directional fins, one 2oz, two 4oz, one 8oz, and one 12oz. $50 shipped. SOLD


4 - flashers. $25 shipped. SOLD


18 - plugs. $30 shipped. SOLD














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