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Wanted to say thank you to everyone who was generous to help we actually reached are goal for the last 10 units :) 




Each year we purchase tablets from Amazon to give to those children in need. This year we are getting the Fire Tablets that sell for $49.99 each on amazon. They greatly improve the study of students who have no way to access. This year we set a goal of 42 tablets and thank goodness we have purchased 32 of the tablets to date for this Christmas. We would appreciate any help anyone can provide. You can donate anywhere from $0.50 and up thru amazon instant email gift cards, Those gift cards are added to a total balance and we order as we earn enough. Only 10 more tablets to go. Please at least see our site at  . We in no way profit from this in anyway. I myself bought 9 of the tablets. thank you fellow fishermen. Once we hand out the tablets if you wish we can give you the name of the person receiving it so maybe you can contact them and wish them a happy holiday but also you can anonymous. 

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