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Montreal to dump 8 BILLION liters of RAW SEWAGE in the SLR

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Seems as we can put a man on the moon, they should be able to engineer the transition better than what they are planning.

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Why not, the United states allowed tons and tons of medical wast like the stuff in patients room the red box with a skull and crossbones on it and only God knows what else. The next summer the folks at the New Jersey shore were swimming with the hypodermic needles and cancerous biopsies floating amongst the beach goers. They closed the beaches and fine combed them for months and put nets out to catch the trash washing a shore. This is true, where paula and I lived before we got married and built our house, the guy next door was a merchant marine, and he filled us in when it hit the news. So now the USA is laying low because it's the old pot calling the kettle black!!

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