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Opening Day - Old Man No Tines


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2nd year hunting in NY.  2nd day deer hunting in NY.  Last year it took me a couple hours to get one for the wall.  The first one my wife has let me hang inside the house!  Right at 7:10am this morning a nice buck is walking towards me and wind was on my side.  He gets to about 70 yards and stops broadside in a good clearing so I throw a slug out of my duck hunting, no scope, no rifled barrel or choke, great for killing ducks gun I won at an RMEF banquet a few years back.  I missed.  Lucky buck bounds to cover and then slowly walks away with a couple wags of the tail.  


35 minutes later I climb down to be certain there is no blood.  While walking the direction the buck walked off and not seeing any blood I catch movement a long way through the woods.  I confirm it is a deer and it is walking my direction.  I crouched down so the crown of a hill blocked the deer's view of me.  Popped my head up and see it is a buck and still walking my way.  I use a couple tress he is passing as an opportunity to stand up and look ahead of him for openings.  He walks broadside into a narrow opening and I let one go.  He runs off in a direction I can't see him and I'm left thinking "I damn well better not have missed again!"  Great blood trail about 60 yards and he's done!  Unusual beams with no points, just a couple short brows and a broken off G2 on one side.  Looks like he's been fighting and getting beat up a bit with a tear in his ear, a scarred eye and a healing wound on the top of his head.  Old Man No Tines!


I had the meat dropped off at Constanza's (was closed but kind enough to let me drop off) and loins, straps, steaks and roasts packaged, labeled and in the freezer by 1:30pm on Opening Day!











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