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Working on my editing skills... 2/2 last night


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It's been a tough week with work and weather so I haven't fished much, but I got out last night and we went 2/2 in under two hours. The weather is back to being terrible so I thought I'd make a video out of it. Both fish were caught on Shadzillas which have become my favourite bait this year. And yes I know my net sucks haha, I just spent $1000 on a new shark fishing set up so I need to delay the net expense to next year. Let me know what you think on the fish/video!

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Very nice, well done, good to see you catching skis while snow is falling where I am !

Where have you found Shadzillas for sale?

If you live in Windsor you can get them at "We Got It" in Belle River. If not you can buy them online but it kind of sucks cause the bait is $20 and often so is the shipping charge.

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