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It's bulb blowing season !


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I go bowling with them on my laptop!!


Here is how I do it.


When I hold my shift key it locks the mouse pad function so the cursor will only go straight horizontal or vertical. I am not sure if this is a mouse setting or just a shortcut key.


Also, there is a setting in my mouse pad control settings (I think it is called glide), that I have turned on, to give my cursor momentum. So if I push my finger across the mouse pad in one direction, and then lift my finger from the mouse pad, the momentum keeps it going in the same direction (It also helps a lot for moving the cursor all the way across a page without having to make several strokes across the mouse pad. Dropping your finger down on the pad again stops it in it's tracks). The function is weighted so you can control how fast it goes across the page with the speed of the push (sort of like shuffleboard).


So to go bowling, I put the cursor to the right of the last bulb on the right, hold the shift key and give it a push toward the left so it glides all the way across the page. If it goes too fast it misses some of them. I have been trying to get just the right speed to break them all in one sweep. The best I have done so far is all but one.


It is sort of like a crude video game.

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Just got them all with one sweep. I held the control key which slows the speed. then I started the sweep and released the control key at the right time which gave it a slingshot effect to complete the sweep and give a clean sweep. It's sort of like using your thumb on a baitcaster to control spool and avoid a backlash.


I'd rather be on the water fishing for muskies but can't trailer my boat again until I get the trailer fixed again even though the season is still open from the Lower Niagara to the St. Lawrence until Dec.15th.

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