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Clearing out some tackle ****ANOTHER PRICE DROP**** More lots added!

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I will delete lots as they sell. All lots will be shipped and payment via paypal gift only. Please message me with any questions. Also open to trades.

Lot 7: Assorted Spoons from 2 inches to Mag sizes NK, Luhr Jensen, SIlver streak $10 Shipped


Lot 11: Assorted Suttons $75 Shipped

(2) 44 Heavy, 44, 71, 88, 81, 21, 38


Lot 12: Mooseamaloo Flutter Spoons #44 (Same blank as a Sutton #44 and catches same amount of fish) $25 Shipped


Lot 13: Flashers/Dodger Assortment and Glow Dipsy without Ring $22 Shipped


Lot 17: Assorted flashers. 8&11 inch. Some with painted all are glow or double glow. $30 Shipped


Lot 20: Assorted Walleye baits. J-9 Rapala Cotton Cordell, Rebel, $15 shipped


Lot 21: Assorted BPS brand lures. Work great on Browns! $14 shipped


Lot 23: Flasher and spoon/stick holders. Awesome for hanging in the boat. $15 shipped


Lot 24: Plano XXL spoon carrier. Brand new condition. $25 shipped


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