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something new in Seneca?


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Sounds as though it could be the freshwater jellyfish... the freshwater shrimp have been there for years and the perch do actively feed on them but the huge hoards of them don't really resemble jellyfish. A lot of times when you see large schools of perch under the ice and they won't readily bite that is what they are often feeding on (freshwater shrimp).....they sometimes come up puking them and stuffed full.

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Reading the biology.....I would say they are not good for food web. Eating zooplankton is like having another Quagga/Zebra Mussel species sucking up the goodies. They prefer large zooplankton species like copepods which are becoming the dominant species in Lake Ontario. This sucks. Imagine the time and gas money spent fishing near the "bait pod" and in reality you are dragging your baits thru jellies.....wtf. Another import from China!

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