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Last two fish of the year

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So today was pretty bittersweet. We took the boat out of the water which means two things:

1. Im done musky fishing until next June

2. I'll be in Florida shark fishing this time next week

While this year I caught more fish than I ever imagined I would, I have to consider it a failure. My musky fishing goal was a 50" fish and I fell short. Oh well, I had a ton of fun trying and learned a lot. I'll be back at it next June.

Here's a video of out last two fish of the year, 48" and 42".

Tight lines!

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I certainly wouldn't relate your season to a failure, the fish of a grand casts a 50"er doesn't come easy. Be safe down in the sunny state, look foreward to your posts next year! 🊠ðŸ 

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