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Great day of fishing in Florida


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So I've posted before catching sharks and here is another one out of southwest Florida. I've actually been here since Sunday but didn't have much luck until last night. It was a pretty cool day. We started out cast netting pilchards (tiny baitfish) and then brought them to a local marina where we caught catfish for shark bait. Catfish are the worst shark bait, however blacktips seem to like them and I figured a fresh bloody catfish was better than the frozen bait I had from previous days. So we set to the beach at 4pm and at 630 the reel which I had dropped a bait out on the kayak 350 yards starts screaming. I apologize that the shark footage isn't great, I had a talk with the cameraman about filming at night when it was all done. Either way an epic day of fishing going right up the food chain!

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