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Seneca perch


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Thats one thing (Seneca Perch) that will make really good fishermen look like amateurs. Been there, done that. Like finding a needle in a haystack at times. Some of the hardest fishing all year. Just have to keep going.

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  We launched at Sampson a couple weeks ago. We fished for perch from the South end of Sampson Park to where the Officer's Cub was and never caught or marked a fish. Then we went slowly out to 150 FOW thinking we might better jig Lakers, but we didn't mark any of them either. We went over in front of Dresden, still no fish. We motored back across and fished around Willard, nothing there either. All together after 5 hrs on the lake we got skunked.


  In my opinion and that of a lot of other experienced Seneca Lake Captains and recreational fisherman, this summer was a huge disappointment. When we can fish for 5 hrs and seldom even mark a fish, something is wrong. The launch at Dean's cove was packed all summer with people who were disappointed with their results on Seneca.


  Happy New Year.

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Nice one Nick. Hopefully the crowd has thinned out by now. We're still waiting for ice.....bunch of new jigs and some new tipups to try out and no place to go :lol:

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By noon the wind is supposed to be 12-13 mph out of the SW by noon which means 2-4ft waves/white caps at the north end maybe more. than the 2 minimum. You may stand a chance fishing the south end of the lake but it is a hike from Sodus and you'd probably have to fish the very corners of the lake anchored up. It is supposed to be 10 mph at 7 AM tomorrow changing to the SW at 9 AM and 12mph by noon SW.  Usually the high number is close to the minimum there. 



You have a PM with a potential plan "B"

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