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Seneca Lake Chamber boat launch

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Harvey they are referring to the Chamber of Commerce launch at the NORTH end of the lake.  The grass in there was about 3-4 FEET thick and huge pods of it a week or so ago and worst of all it has foul smelling decayed stuff mixed in as well as silt etc. which can mess up your water intake on motors. Additionally it gets clogged on trailers terribly and that stuff would surely spread from lake to lake if someone were to relocate. It is truly a mess there.

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Went out fishing on Seneca lake this morning. Was going to use the north end park launch but stopped by the chamber to see if it was still buried on my way over. Well, the right side ramp was open with no grasses and I was able to launch without any problems. Guess the wind has finally blown it free.  Thought the lake was going to be halfway calm today but early morning winds made for a semi-rough lake. Got into some jumbos but hard holding position even with my drift sock. Still nice being on a lake at the end of December.

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