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I thought I would post my recent Newsletter here for those who might be interested.


January 2016 Smart Troll Newsletter


First let me wish everyone a Happy New Year...hoping you have lots of fun
and success out on the lakes in 2016.

This newsletter will be brief...I just want to start the year off with a few

I have been dragging butt on getting the new Website launched...but it is
almost ready and should be up and running by the end of January.

There is an "Early Bird Special" for anyone who purchases a Smart Troll kit
before February 29th, 2016 (yep...it is Leap Year). You can get a FREE PROBE
and an Extended Warranty. Check out the Home Page of www.smarttroll.com for

A new Smart Troll Product will soon be available called a "Smart Troll
Recorder" or STR for short. It is a great addition for the budget minded
fisherman who wants invaluable information about the Depth and water
Temperature of their gear. It is a standalone Probe that records Depth and
Temperature in real time. You can attach it to your line (near your lure)
and leave it there for hours (or as long as you want). If you deploy it at
6:00 am write that in a log, make a turn at 7:30...write it down...catch a
fish at 8:00 again write the time down of any change you make. If you make a
turn and catch a fish during the turn just put the time in your log. Then
when you retrieve the line and the Probe you can play back the recording on
any android device to see a graphical representation of the depth and
temperature recorded every 20 seconds. And the time in the recording is
"real time". Meaning...if you wrote 8:26am in your log you can look at the
8:26am time stamp in the Probes recording and see what happened at that
exact time.

So, let’s say you made a turn and caught a fish on the inside of the turn at
8:26 am. When you play back the recording and look at 8:26 am in the
recording then you can see exactly what happened at that time. Perhaps the
Probe/Lure went 15 feet deeper and the water got 8 degrees colder...that
information will be in the recording. Not as good as live data but it will
definitely help you to learn what is happening with your gear and all of
your different lures and setups.

Expected availability...March of 2016; Expected price...Well under $200

I am very busy preparing for the 2016 season...and I am optimistic it will
be a great year for all of us. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have
any questions...or call if you want.


I am also happy to reply to any questions or comments posted here at LOU

Darrell Huff
[email protected]




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Cool!! It's nice to see companies with the flatter wallet in mind!! We like to fish also, just like the depth finders, now a good sonar is with in a working mans budget. The first I heard about this Smart Troll I liked

the theory, but wanted to sit back and listen, before making a decision, still didn't make up my mind what I want. This has me thinking ðŸ“ðŸ“

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A couple questions:

  1. Will there be a Speed version available?
  2. Can the data be pushed to an XML or CSV or any other open format that can be imported to a SQL table?





The data is stored in the filed/document directory of the phone as a CSV file. So, you can navigate to that file and make a copy and import it to a table or database if you desire.


I do NOT plan to make a version with Speed because it will drive the price up too high and it will make the Probe too bulky because of the required paddle wheel and housing to incorporate SPEED.


The STR Probe is pretty close to the size of a man's pinky finger so it won't affect the depth much which makes it useful information for your gear even when the STR Probe is NOT on the line. a Probe with Speed, as mentioned above, would be much bulkier so the depth of the gear would be affected more. Therefore, the Depth/Speed relationship with the Probe on the line would not compare to the Depth/Speed relationship with no Probe.


On the Smart Troll systems that have Probes with LIVE data...the bulk of the Probe doesn't matter because you are seeing both the Depth and Speed LIVE.

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What is the granularity at which the data is sampled and pushed to the file?



The data is sampled every 20 seconds. Below are some screen shots that represent what the recording will look like. Please note that it is military time to distinguish am from pm and the simulation was recorded at mid-night so it went from 23:50 to 00:00


The first attachment is the "Home Screen" and it shows changes of depth in the top section and corresponding changes in temperature in the bottom section.


The second attachment shows labels that pop up if you touch anywhere on the screen.


The third attachment shows that labels appear at every data point when you zoom in. You can zoom either by touching the screen for a second or by finger gestures.


The fourth attachment is just zoomed in further.


Looks like the attachments ordered themselves from right to left so...start with the one on the one on the far right.





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Yes the STR Probe is rechargeable.


Thanks Darrell! This might be all I can afford this year after we do our taxes. Any idea on the release date for the STR? I didn't see anything on the web site yet.

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