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Have you heard of a stinger hook?!


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Basically they can be used in many scenarios with just about any species. I have used them for walleyes and perch on tip ups and on worm harnesses (usually size 10-12 treble hooks) and also with larger hooks jigging for trout in open boat or through the ice.  It is very useful for fussy or light hitters.  It is now possible to get the diameter down a bit while maintaining strength by using finer gauge titanium wire instead of stainless. These are older versions using mono in the pic (couldn't find my wire ones right away). A stinger can also be good at the end of a meat rig for the short hitters. Another feature of it is that as in a live bait still fishing doubles or trebles that is small if you happen to catch one that is undersized  all you do is clip the "leader" and release the fish. The hook will disintegrate over time.


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They also make them with a red rubber type material where you affix them to another hook. We used them in the western basin of Erie when they "walleye" are just nipping the tails off the minnows. Like Les mentioned my uncles use them a lot when ice fishing, I don't ice fish, LOL. We first got introduced to the stinger hook 30 years or more ago when a Canadian Indian told me to remove the back set of hooks and replace them with the stingers and our hook to catch ratio went up big time. I still remember that man he took me under his wing and showed me a lot about fishing Canadian waters, his name was Andre' I still think of him, he left a never ending impression on me.

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