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Beretta 92FS 9mm


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Hi guys.

Looking at picking one up for my wife for target shooting.

Anybody got one that would care to comment on it good or bad?


I have an M-9 (basically same gun other than some slight mods to the front sight vs. the 92). Overall, both the M-9 and the 92FS have the same specs.

Overall it's a great gun, indestructible, but certainly not a gun that I conceal carry given the 4+" barrel length and weight of the firearm (it's a heavy beast). For target shooting though it is fantastic and deadly accurate right out of the box.

It's double action/single action which I like, given my own personal preference for a double action firearm and safety. It has a "slightly annoying" long trigger pull but it's a gun that handles well on the range once you get used to the longer trigger pull.

The first shot will be double action, and then single action after that, or back to double action it you de-cock with the safety. Personally, this is a feature that I like when I have a round in the chamber if carrying. I've never been able to get used to carrying a pistol with the hammer cocked and locked like my Kimber, regardless of the thumb and grip safety mechanisms.

If you're used to 1911 type platforms, you may find the location of the safety/decocker on this gun(towards the left rear but up a little higher by the slide and having to pull it down) a little annoying, but I own other Beretta's so I'm used to it.

Overall a great gun - there was a reason they were the preferred military sidearm.

Good luck - it's nice to hear guys getting their gals into pistols!!


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I own a 92, it's a great gun. I would recommend just having your wife hold one to make sure she has a comfortable grip. It can be bulky feeling depend on her hand size. My wife has small hands and my XD40 sub comp fits her hands better.

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I carried the m-9 as a back up in the military. We had minor issues with stove pipes however that can be an ammo issue at times. I really liked it over all it is a double single and its a fun weapon. Depending on what you are looking for, I like glock. They are double action all the time but fire regardless of circumstance, condition, maintenance etc.

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