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I've used nose jammer and have seen it work as a cover scent. Its supposed to overload their sense of smell, which I think is more a marketing line than anything else.  It has a very strong vanilla smell.  I have had adult does dead down wind within 30 yds and they are definitely curious and know something is different but I haven't had them spook when they smell it. One morning this fall I had 13 deer including 6 adult does and 3 small bucks within 30 yds on all 4 sides of me, I did not get winded.   I don't use it often though.  I guess what concerns me is them  eventually associating the smell with humans.  I may be giving them more credit than they deserve but they are an amazing animal.  I look at it in the same way I look at scent-lok, etc... There is no way it eliminates all human odor, but if I'm about to get a shot and it buys me a few extra seconds when  a deer is in a marginal position and about to get my wind then its worth it in my opinion.

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I have had the same results with essence of fall , deer would smell it and come up into my stand area it smells sweet also

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