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Capt. Tom Hyes, Wharf Rat Charters passed away in march 2015. I have the task of selling his gear and tackle for his wife.

 I take paypal. Shipping to the USA ONLY.


5 spoons NP3 and 3 Finger Lakes Tackle spoons $25.00 shippedpost-145886-0-06618100-1454165403_thumb.jpgpost-145886-0-06618100-1454165403_thumb.jpg $




4 Roemer releases $25.00 shippedpost-145886-0-46137600-1454165726_thumb.jpg



6 NIP DW Reg size $25.00 shippedpost-145886-0-38259700-1454165864_thumb.jpg



4 NIP Pirate $15.00 shippedpost-145886-0-63596500-1454166049_thumb.jpg



6 NIP Silverstreak $25.00 Shippedpost-145886-0-64986600-1454166204_thumb.jpg


Diver lot $80.00 shippedpost-145886-0-53199300-1454166344_thumb.jpg

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