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for sale : usa Two Sea Nymph GLS 220, one Hardtop, one open *** Lowered price to $4500 ***


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I have for sale two 1991 Sea Nymphs GLS 220, all aluminum deep v, both have cuddy cabins, both engines run, serial numbers are only a few digits apart.

One is hardtop and has a 4 cyl OMC engine and outdrive, has the original teak coaming pads, had new batwing windows installed last year. Comes with trailer.  This is boat is in the best cosmetic condition.

The other is open top and has a V6 4.3 OMC engine and outdrive, also has a Mercury 9.9 4 stroke kicker motor. Also comes with trailer, new tires put on last year.  Cosmetically this boat is not as nice.

Also included with the sale would be all the extra parts and new parts we had bought to work on these boats.  I don't have a list just yet but will be working on it but it does include some upholstery material for the cabin cushions and some ads and brochures I bought on Ebay. Both boats have clear Kentucky titles.  We bought the open boat first and then found the hardtop and was planning on robbing from the open one to fix up the hardtop and then working on the open one later.  We originally wanted a cuddy cabin so we could stay on the water overnight but instead we purchased a lot near the lake and set a trailer on it so no longer need the cabin and decided to just stick with the Tracker Targa we already have rigged up for striper fishing

Bought these as project boats but we've come to the conclusion we're not project boat people.  $4500 or OBO for everything.



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I was contacted by Todd in NY who wanted some more info in the boats I have for sale and with his permission I am copying his questions and my answers here for other members who might be interested to see.


1. How mechanically sound is your hard top, especially the engine, outdrive, and steering system? 

We had the hard top out a couple times in 2014, but never took it out last year, just too busy getting our lot and trailer set up.  The open top we've never had out ourselves but we bought it from a another striper fisherman who was switching to a pontoon because of a disability.  The steering is fine but after running the engine a bit it would start a high pitch whine and would start overheating and would shut down.  After it cooled down it would start back up fine.  We were going to have it looked at, figured it might need a new water pump, but it was late in the year so we just winterized it and put it up for the year.  Our original plan was to switch out engines with the open top since that engine was newer and ran good and it was a 6 cylinder as opposed to the 4 cyl in the hardtop.  The open one also has a Mercury 9.9 4 stroke kicker motor with the remote steering,  Neither boat was out on the water last year but they are stored under roof, the hardtop inside our barn and the open under 16" wide shedrow.


2. Are the floors in these boats wood or aluminum?


Both boats have aluminum floors but I know for sure that the center flooring piece is plywood covered by an aluminum skin, not sure about the sides.  It is aluminum but not sure whats underneath it.  We took up that center piece on the open one to get to the gas tank and also since it was spongy feeling back near the engine.  The plywood needed to be replaced, we took it up but haven't replaced it but still have everything, including the spongy plywood for a pattern.  My husband did damage the aluminum trim at the edge near the cuddy cabin when trying to get it up so that piece would have to be replaced, about a 24" (or less) piece of aluminum corner edging.  I have a couple of old sales brochures on these boats and I will check tonight to see how it explains the flooring.


3. Have they ever been rigged for fishing, such as fish finders and downriggers?


Not much of that stuff is still on these boats.  The people we bought them from kept most of that. There is a a Lowrance GPS puck on the hard top and I had bought a used Lowrance w/gps to use and I will include it.   There was also a radio on the one of them but not sure if it works, we took it off to work on them,



4.  Do they have swim steps? 


No swim steps, but I did buy a swim platform with telescoping ladder that I will include.



5.  Can you post more pics of the upholstery, seats, inside the cuddy cabins, the engine covers, the engines, closer pics of the transom and outdrive?


The cabin cushions definitely need reupholstered and I had purchased some heavy duty upholstery fabric that I will include.  I also have some dark blue vinyl to recover the dash that I will include.  


The cabin on the open is fairly good but the deck hatch window is cracked and allowed some leakage, I bought a used replacement window for it but it's not from a Sea Nymph and although it's close to the same size it's not an exact match.  There is also one cushion missing from that cabin, its the square center one that goes over the compartment where a porta potti would go, but I do have that cushion in the other one so it would make a good pattern.


The cabin on the hardtop is in good shape and all cushions are there but do need new upholstery,  the vinyl covered pads around the edge might need some new wood on a couple but the vinyl looks good.


We only got one original seat with each one, one is has blue/gray upholstery, the other red/gray.

The boats are really close in serial numbers, can't remember what they are but I'll check, the open one is the red/gray color scheme and the hardtop is the blue/gray color scheme.


I have both original motor covers but they are both in rough shape,  The guy I bought the hardtop from had made one for it and I have it but we had planned on trying to make one that looked like the originals.  I'm not sure about the jump seats, I don't think I have all of those or even any of them.



I don't have any really good pictures of the insides and trying to get them where they are stored is kind of difficult because of lighting. I'll work on that, would like to get them both outside and get some good pics of them but our weather hasn't been the greatest lately and we've both been working a lot.  I'll work on the pics and also on the list of stuff we will include in the sale.   Both boats are really deep and I think they were made more the the Great Lakes than for Lake Cumberland. 

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I found some old pictures on my computer, these are not the best by no means but all I have for the moment.


This is the open one.  I forgot that a piece of the rail was missing, it was removed for a trolling motor by the previous owner.

















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