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Cayuga 2-6

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I know I only got 1, I gave my step son the one we're using, gonna need to buy 1 more

LOL I just bought a pile of them, local bait shop had them on sale $3.99 I got all they on the shelf!! The walleyes will pay this year LOL.

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Anyone ever try for pickerel perch or rock bass down that way this time of year? Would be nice just to get into some fish and take advantage of the nice weather

Tried to get out in the canoe on north end. To shallow to get out. Mud local had then layer of ice over it but wasn't taking a chance...

Went to Sheldrake since the perch fishing was out.... spent 3 hours around Sheldrake north and a bit south. Nada.

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Fish usa is the best place Ive found and they are in stock or get 1 from me jeff.

I'll be around in may I'll buy one off you when we get together, got 1 to start my season....

I'm new to facebook, but I put pics of every fish this weekend and reports on my page... if anyone reading this thread wants to friend me I'm Jeff Howe.... I've got a pic holding a chainsaw....

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