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Shark Downrigger Weights


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I am finally back fishing the big lakes...THANK God!!!!

I run out of henderson (I know..long run) and have serious blow back problems with standard balls, mainly because of depth and current.

I used weights on a charter, many, many, many, years ago in WI that looked like tear drops with metal rudders which I will neither confirm nor deny putting shiney tape on, but think they made a difference. So now I want to try Shark weights. Oh, Yea, they are in production now according to the web site so should retail for about $55, not bad when you firgure we are spending almost $7.00 for super glow spoons.

OK, three questions for you all out there on the new shark weights.

1. 12 or 15 pounders?

2. Do you run the same leads or shorten them like the shark weight website states to do?

3. If not sharks then what? Why?



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I run Shark weights,and also the Torpedo weights, on my boat,and have to say that the Torpedos(13lb) work just as well as the Shark weights,at a lot less money.

Both weights work very well at reducing blowback,on all the riggers,including the probe rigger,and they also both track very well at all speeds.

I have caught just as many fish on the Torpedo weights,as i do on the Sharks,and you can almost buy two Torpedo weights for the price of one Shark weight.

I'm not a big believer in all the hype about all these super duper overpriced weights that are on the market today

Atommik has the Torpedo weights on his site,if you need to see them

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I'm gonna respectfully disagree with some of you guys. I ran the sharks for a few weeks as a demo last fall and aside from the fact that they track beautifully, I found that they did work as an attactant. I had a couple of the chrome sharks and ran them against my own 12# weights. I had days when the only riggers that would go were the sharks. I loved how straight and true they tracked with very little blow back, but the fact that I had the same set-ups on my weights and couldn't get them to go while the skarks fired was enough to convince me. They definitely attract fish, and I'll be running them this year.

The way I see it, if all you want is a rigger weight to simply get your baits down to a specified depth, then go with what works for you. But, if you want a weight that tracks true with very little blow back, and can also serve as an attractant, then the Shark is the way to go.


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I would say both as the dimpled, or hammerd spoons almost always outperform smooth,stingers,R+Rs,suttons,many others are dimpled or hammerd,,,,,,,,,BUT smooth spoons still got there place, do to the large color selection,sizes,shapes, and plane old fish catchers,and action,,,,,,,,,,,,, undulation(viberation) is created by the dimpled surfaces ,,,,,,,,,, fishes latteral line likes that....... Ray K.

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