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Fishtails - Not getting e-mails or ignoring them

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Don't think I got that Rick. I was out in Niagara half of May. The Mrs. probably got your email and forgot to mention it to me.

We were talking about fishing the Hook this month, right? Turns out the wife has plans for me every freakin weekend in June except this one.... and I've Got the Jimmy Buffet concert with a buddy this weekend down at the Linc in Philly.... :lol::lol::lol:

I also have to get up to our summer camp and get that ready to put on the market.....so this month looks tuff. I may have to push that trip back till fall.

If You have plans to get after the strippers this fall.....I'm your man !!

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No problem Rod I hear you. Too many things going on. Hope to hit the hook one last time before Ocean city. Going down for the 4th of July for about a week and a half. I hooked up with the mgr of the campground and got a site with a dock behind the rv. Hope to get to the hook for one or two weekends before I start going up to the lake. Don’t know how many times I will get up to the lake this year. Field hockey, my son’s job and the fuel cost. Fuel round trip is going to cost about $300.00 each weekend plus the cost of the campground. I think it will only be three weekends and back to the hook. I will give you a yell when the Stripers come back, pretty slow right now for them. Catching Fluke and only about 10% are keepers.

Catch you later

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It might pay to leave the toys up there...that's what we are doing. Either way the cost has gone way up, but I'd rather put the $$ into the local economy than give it to the oil companies.

When I'm not using the RV, I'm keeping it in storage in Oswego.

Get in touch with me later in July....maybe we can combine some lake O trips. I'll be up there as much as possible.

Have a good vacation!

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Thanks Rod I will.

You enjoy the Jimmy Buffet concert, was thinking about going, but not!

I thinking of leaving the RV and boat up at the lake for the fall. I have to see how many guys want to go up. I know as of now it's going to be aleast three weeks. Let you know.

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