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Conesus, 6/11

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Talked to a couple of anglers as we were getting on the water and they indicated the bass were scattered, off the beds, and our best bet was to fish fast (ie spinnerbaits) off the points in 4-7 fow. They had a slow day, though, overall.

So, we went North, fished 4-7 fow and ended up catching a few on plastics. Nothing on top, nothing on a spinnerbait, hardbait, etc..

An hour before dark, we went to the South end to jig for walleye in 20 fow. Lots of bait coming in at dark, but no eyes for us.

Post-spawn transition period. Go figure. It was a gorgeous evening, though, and the company was good. Maybe they'll cooperate next time.

Gator (N'BN)

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