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Severe weather at Sandy Pond

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Just wondering if anyone was fishing along the East shore near Sandy Pond when the weather (tornado ?) hit the Greene Point area of Sandy. The news showed several camp sites destroyed and a few boats totaled.I did not hear of any boats in trouble on the lake. I am glad I wasn't out there!!

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I was in my camp on Chipman Lane (behind the Elms Golf course) when it came through. I thought I was on the "wizard of oz". My front yard is leveled. Huge poplars and oaks down everywhere. I am glad I didn't fish that morning. Some damage to the house. Currently, a large tree from a neighbors property blocks the access to the pond. Now, I am just waiting for the town of Sandy Creek to raise my tax assessment another 15% because things are wonderful on Sandy Pond and my property has been naturally landscaped!!

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