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Oak Orchard Registration and Bracket Announcements

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Administration Stuff - I am working on updating the Registration Form, Rules, and Payout Structure with current dates. I hope to have these published by mid next week here on LOU and also on our Facebook Page. Spread the word! Let's make the 2016 event HUGE! 


Bracket Info - We will be holding the bracket tourney again this year. Last year was a first for this, and I know a lot of people had fun with this. I am going to take sign ups for the brackets here on LOU starting June 1st. For every 8 people we will open up a bracket. If you sign up for a bracket I will post time slots for your bracket to meet up at the Cafe to pay and draw your position on Friday evening. We will have the $250 and the $100 brackets again. Each bracket will pay a winner, a runner up, and a Knock Out. To be eligible for a KO it will be the largest separation between two scores that weigh fish.



Tourney Dates:


Oak Orchard Open  - June 11th & 12th

  • Paying by check deadline  - Sunday May 29th
  • Paying by cash deadline - Wednesday June 8th


King of the Oak (KOTO)

  • Friday June 10th
  • Sunday July 24th
  • Saturday August 20th
  • Sunday September 4th
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