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Sunday on the way to Seneca we observed what looked to be a hundred thousand geese flying north to north west up real high and in far too many groups to count....most I've ever seen at one time.

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I have always considered redwings to be the best sign of spring.




Yes! And grackles. Saw redwings last week. Not many but coming!

 A large flock of red wings and grackles showed up here at my place in Delaware County NY today.


(looking forward to hearing the peepers)

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She still is holding 42 degree water offshore.  Kings will be coming out of this winter in much better shape.  Third year in a row that offshore of Rochester has held the largest bank of residual warmer water.  The X-factor that should tip the balance to the West is Erie will warm quickly without the ice coverage.  May will be rockin in the Niagara flow.



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