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Cayuga lake levels

final flight

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My next question is "what is normal " Is 380.5 too low to get out of Treemen?


That I don't know... when do you want to know by?  I can check it out tomorrow.


There was a lot of debris, including whole trees, in the inlet from the last rainstorm. Might be flushed out with this rain, it's high and moving now.

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For those interested I stopped by Treman today.  At the end of the docks there was 20", 28" and 28" of water going north to south.   Water level was ~18" below the bumper level and ~30" below the dock.   No debris on the launch ramps.


At the end of two docks were deadheads, one fairly large ~12" diameter and the other a 4" branch but who knows what it's attached to.  They're blocking a couple of the launch spots.  Just realized I should have checked the depth in the middle of the docks too but I wasn't that smart.


From the link sparkyice posted it's come up 6" since Wednesday and probably will a little more.   So that's the scoop, it's kind of sketchy with those logs in there but might be doable depending on the boat.   

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