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Salmo slayar

Lost Tackle Box near Myers Point

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Hey folks,


A few weeks ago I was fishing from shore just North of Myers Point. A some point in the afternoon I set my tackle down (took it out of my bag to lend a buddy a lure), either on a dock or on the rocks near shore, and continued to work my way up north. It was probably an hour or so before I realized I misplaced my box, but when I went back to where I left it it was gone :swear: . I am sure that someone thought it was lost, and took it with best intentions, hoping to find its rightful owner! :angel:  


The loss of that box was a big hit to my collection, as it contained some of the best from my arsenal.

On the bright side, this gives me an excuse to buy more tackle!


If anyone knows anything or stumbled across my box, I would really appreciate the heads up. I am willing to give a $50 reward to anyone who gets it back to me, and I can of course identify the box and its contents.






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