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perch fishing video


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A few things are noteworthy from this interesting video. Many of those fish spotted the line (way too heavy and should have been either light fluoro or mono for the part that showed and there was way too much bait on the hook (should have just enough to cover the hook and especially the point and the hook was quite big for them. Whoever was on the other end didn't even feel 60 percent or more of the bites. I was a bit surprised that the perch didn't totally scatter when old Esox showed up :lol:


Cool video.

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Yea, I was going crazy Les thinking to myself what the heck is that guy doing missing all of those hits but your right, he probably had a bass rod with 12lb test and surprised he still caught fish, what I would do with having that stained water. For years when they shut down we either caught a pickerel or pike and thought that must of been the reason, to your point they didn't flinch when that wolf came through. Interesting is right.

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