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Wanted WTB Cannon Gimbal Mounts

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I am looking for a set of cannon gimbal mounts in 9" or any other gimbal mounts that will fit cannon base plates. Looking for used in good condition or new at a reasonable price. Let me know if you have a set kicking around collecting dust.


Also looking for a set of bases for Uni-troll riggers and retro-ease(s).







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Catskillbob pm"D me they don't are not the size he is looking for . if anyone is interested in these 2 gimbals let me know . I'd be will to do a trade.... I need spoons, line counter combos, dual. planer mast .... if anyone is interest Lmk

I also have a manual down-rigger it's a uni- troll Extendable boom I messed it Up trying to fix the spool wire wrap.'So it would be a handy man special. post-155023-14569723163447_thumb.jpg. It's a newer model the got spool wrap I failed putting it back together. I'm sure theirs bunch of you guys could fix it blind folded

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