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Cayuga 3/7


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Launched at Taughannock at 10am on 3/7/16. Pulled out at 3pm. Trolled mostly south from 150fow to 350fow. No matter where we were the surface temp stayed at 38.7deg. Water level seems to be up a little from February 2nd (the last time I launched here). Much easier getting the boat back on the trailer.

Picked 5 LL, one was 20" and the other 4 were 14"-16". The 20 came at 75' down with purple spoon. All smaller ones were on lead core, 7 colors out and spoons.

We have always fished Keuka when fishing the FL. Switching to Cayuga. Always jigged for Lakers end of March through April. Can anyone tell me about jigging for Lakers on Cayuga?

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