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Steering cabel lubrication?


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The steering on my 2003 star craft has gotten tighter over the years. I have a 90 hp merc out board with the Steering dampener, hydraulic assist cyclinder on it. Like most larger out boards,  Not sure what it is actualy called. Is there a way to lube cabels or any ideas what I can do to free up steering. Thanks Joe

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You can do it but just a temporary fix. If you change it out think about also replacing the shift/throttle controls at the same time.

First check to see if it's cables or the motor. Unhook motor from cable system and try it also move motor back and forth by hand , should move very easy.

If it's cables you will have to get them out of the tube , use a shot gun cleaning kit to clean out inside of tube and relube.

Put a hose over top of the cable and clamp with hose clamp..... Hold upright and add cleaner , I used pb-blaster. I had a air line quick disconnect put in end of hose and hooked air line up. Then moved steering wheel back and forth..... Pull it off wiped down exposed cable while moving steering wheel again.... I did this a number of times .... Then lubed it back up and hooked it all back up.....lasted mybe a season.... Ended up changing cable out and a year later the shift cable broke tore floor back out to replace that....

Good luck

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