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SeaStar Hydraulic steering system - inboard/sterndrive

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I have a 125-8EM SeaStar hydraulic steering system for sale. It consists of the 1.4 helm with steering wheel and the hydraulic cylinder.  I do not have the two hoses, as it was hooked up on my boat using copper tubing. You only need to purchase two hoses for your boat length on Ebay and you're set. If you have cable steering, you need this ! I installed it new in my boat in 2007.


It's very easy to install. I'm converting my boat to outboard, so I am installing a different style hydraulic steering.


I am pulling out of the boat in a day or so, I'll take pics then.  Works perfect. Will ship for actual cost.



Asking $425.00  (retails around 800 without hoses)




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Still have this for sale. I just haven't gotten around to putting on Ebay or craigslist yet.  Here is a pic.  All you need are two teleflex hoses for the length of your application.




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