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Heads up when launching a boat at Myers Point

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Just a heads up for everyone launching a boat out of Myers Point on Cayuga Lake. Currently the lake level is low enough you can see a log that is located in the middle of the channel.  This log is currently visible because the lake level is low but in about two or three weeks it will not be and the log will still be in place.  It is big enough and right in the middle of the channel that it could very easily be hit and do some serious damage going out or coming in from the lake.  A good land mark for the log is it is located adjacent to the first light pole located on the north side of the channel as you are going out into the lake.  Hopefully this helps everyone and it will be removed soon, but if not be very careful navigating the channel.    

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About now, they start at the beginning of March or in the first week or so.  I think they forecast it some based on snowpack.   It came up over target level and went back to target as of 3/14.  Should come up another foot and a half by the end of March.

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