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Lake Huron's Chinook salmon fishery unlikely to recover due to ongoing food shortage


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Lot of interesting information on Lake Michigan ; ? how much applies to Lake Ontario .The " native " species drum continues to  beat

for what agenda ? 


The Ontario Atlantic salmon [ very expensive for limited returns ]  has yet to show any success : The Lake Trout we catch on the south shore in 70 fow in August  I do not consider " native ".


The non-native omnivore Brown trout was doing well in 2015 if you were good enough to catch one ! 

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I would think that keeping a close watch on forage and forage diversity will become very important as well as watching the elements of their diets. Maybe we will also need to rethink nutrient control. Being very careful about limiting nutrients entering smaller lakes might be very important but the Great lakes might need a slightly different approach because they have a lot more water flowing through them, at least in most years. Maybe new computer models will eventually help, along with close monitoring. But there will probably always be some unforeseen influences. Some of which we will not be able to compensate for or control. The best thing we can do is to keep our faith in the experts and do what we can to support their efforts.

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