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Seneca South End


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Decided to go out of Clute and see how things look. After last year. My hopes for a good morning of fishing. Was a let's wait and see kind of thing. Trolled in front of Clute 10-15 fow. Also up east side. As far as Hector falls and back. Lots of sea weed pods and wood on that east side in about 60-70 fow. Had top water temp of just over 40 all morning. 42 up inlet near launch. Only 2 fish caught today. 19" laker on rigger down about 9ft. Also a perch on a flat line stick bait. Marked a lot of fish 20-40ft but no takers. They didn't seem to be all that big. Had a few big arcs about 100 to 125. The higher fish arcs were much smaller. Just getting familiar with my new fishfinder. We'll at least we didn't get skunked.


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I flat lined sticks off planer boards sunday. Definitely some weeds around. I focused on water 30-80 ft. I fished up to the plant and I fished the bluffs on the east side just to change it up. I was running 3 rods by myself and got skunked. Oh well maybe next time. In the past this time of year I did really well on flat lines. I really thought fishing the skinny water would work out better but I marked more in 80 fow I used to do well on the South end of the lake but have done better on the north end this past year.

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