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Fishmaster owners

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Ok I found a great deal on a 60 inch shaft terrova I pilot, I have been waiting to to buy a 72" shaft. My question is do fishmaster owners or any 20ft aluminum boat owners really wish they had the extra 12inches? I mean 12inches = 1k more to put in perspective

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72" = 36 volt ------ 60" = 24 volt


agree with above mine is OK on Seneca most day , if your fishing Lake O I think the 72" would be a better choice unless you have auto pilot other than the terrova. Then it would not matter

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I have a fish master and would like to know best way to clean water spots off

(Black boat )

Do I wash and wax ? With what



Meguire's cutting compound (Mirror glaze I think it was called, but  not the most aggressive polish) followed by a good wax.  Will remove oxidation and water stains. 

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