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Broken back Rapalas

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I've had better luck with non-jointed stick baits than jointed, but in general, natural colors for clear water and bright colors for muddy water. Try them all and let the fish tell you. Just get them away from the boat, either out to the side or 100+' behind.

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9's and 11's are typically the most used sizes...in colored up water have a preference for broken backed baits as they vibrate and displace more water then a straight stick, allowing the fish to find them easier...

Typically run and catch more fish on straight stick's but there's a time for jointed lures...if fish are aggressive they will pounce on jointed lures even in clear water, and prefer jointed baits if targeting coho/steelies as they usually are more aggressive then Browns...

As mentioned, since there is a tendency to use jointed baits in dirtier waters, the colors reflect this...fire tiger, GFR, perch, and chartreuse bleeding shiner being my favored colors...

If the water is on the clearer side, as mentioned in another post use natural colors...black/silver, black/gold, brown trout, being a few good ones...am not positive if they make a purpledescent in jointed but that is a good clear water lure...

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J9's and 11's most of the time. I also usually put one or two large split shot about 3 ft above them to take them down a bit and to ward off grass and debris (hangs on split shot not the lure). I've also had better luck with the jointeds trolling at faster speeds for trout other than for browns (slower speeds and further back most of the time) and they seem to tolerate turns better than solids as well. There is a place for solid sticks as well and it can be productive to run one of each to see which is preferred. I run them either off boards or outriggers most of the time in the Spring and 100 or more ft back with a solid on one side and jointed one the other until I connect a couple times then switch to both what was hit. Sometimes the browns prefer something even smaller such as solids that are about the size of a large fathead minnow in black/silver.

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