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bear creek 3/19 afternoon

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finally got a chance to make the first trip of the year.  didnt launch till after 1 that was an experience with no docks in.  started troling west didnt get the first hit till after the plant than from there had a fairly steady pick.  ended the day at 4:30 going 9 for 10. Happy to get the boat out and running but did discover an electrical problem with the ignition on the main.  other than that everything ran well.  every rod took at least one fish today but a black and gold thunder stick and an orange UV thunder stick took the most hits.  watermelon spoon took one.  a green and gold FLT spoon firetiger storm and and a smolt pattern rapala all took fish.  they were all in the 2-6 lb range.  looks like the start of what will hopefully be a good second year back on the big lake. 

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they were scattered all around shallowist hit was 11 feet deepest was 28 we got hits in 52 degree and 43 degree water.  there was a nice green color that went out to about 35 ft they seemed to be all through that.

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