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Boat flags and junk rods


Junk rods deployed flag color  

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  1. 1. Junk rods deployed flag color

    • Blue
    • red
    • green

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maybe everyone should bring paintball guns on board. every time someone cuts you off or gets too close, give them one shot only to the hull. then when we're all back at the launch ramp we'll be able to tell who the real winners are. one or two paint splats on your hull.., hey stuff happens, mistakes are made by everyone. but, if your hull looks like a hawaiian shirt.......

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you have to be smart when you run copper also....stay away from the pack of boats..etc.

sometimes it's not the other boats fault...last year I had a boat cut me off in combat conditions and guess what, he had 600 feet out that got wound up on my boom rigger.

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