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Good Chautauqua hotels for fishermen?

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Hi All-

Cant make it out for the opener this weekend, but going to head down to Chautauqua the follwing weekend to see about baggin the first 'ski.

anyone have any reccommendations on places to stay for a night that are fisherman friendly? Somewhere relatively inexpensive (wont be there much, other than a few hours shut eye 8) ) near the Long Point State Launch with access to an outlet to recharge the boat would be a big plus.

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Oye :roll:. thanks for the heads up.

I'll have to check pretty quick on availability and make some decisions. We were actually going to hit Waneta Saturday and head to Chaut' that night to be ready for the AM. maybe we'll have to make it a 2 day'er on Waneta or stay somewhere along the way.

How big a group is that anyway? We'll be doing some trolling, but sounds like the good shallower waters could be pretty congested for casting.

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