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Trying my luck at trolling flies...

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#'s 2, 3, and 6 for the Finger Lakes....all should work real well on Lake O :)

Thanks again Sk8.. I think they are all winners but I have a feeling those clear UV flies are gonna clean up on any of the lakes. .. Here's hoping anyway..


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Lol.. That first flys name is Frogger. . Lol. Lets play name the second fly.. looking for a great name for that fly. It's a super UV with green UV and a little bit of clear Pearl first person that gives me the best name I'll let it go for 2 days will win two free flies. Let's play name that fly and let it begin now


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The Irish rebal

Love it!

Green Goblin

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UV Pearl Necklace!

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The leprechaun, 4 leaf clover, lucky charm, gills deep, how that? Lol

Kermit's muff

The "Iron Duke". I'll run it!

These are all sounding great guys, be hard to pick one for sure... i will pick a winner tommorow night and let you all know and P.M. The winner...Thanks everyone for all your positive comments and I just hope we get the last of this cold weather behind us and we all get to get out and enjoy some fishing...


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Just a variety of names you can consider applying to any of the fly patterns:


Middle finger (a funny twist in respects to the finger lakes)

Grass hopper


Duke's Dinner


Trigger or Trigger Happy

Spanish Fly

Full Moon


Black Hole

JAF (just another fly)


Stinky Toes

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Last day to play Name this fly game.. Winner will be announced around 9pm tonight... Winner will receive two free flies... Gonna be hard to pick one with all the great names given so far...



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I think the thread title has all the ingredients for the name brand of your product. Iron Duke's Lucky Trolling Flies. We could all use a little luck.

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