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lake Erie

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With the heat of last week, things popped nicely...

New ride issues have limited me, but the "alibi" boat did

really good fri-sun.

50-60 fow, divers at 150; 3-4 color lead.

I'm moving hopefully on Friday, and trip on Sunday, so

I should be able to give you some good data!

FYI.....Capt. Bud's mom (ALIBI) passed away late Saturday night

(cancer)...so keep Bud and his family in mind.....


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I just got a report that the eyes are starting to show around Barcelona. As usual.. more size than numbers. I understand that many of the top fish in the Southtown's tourney came from that area. I'll be hitting in in the next few weeks! As for hardware.. I always seem to do best on harnesses.. then Renowski's. I don't even bother washing spoons any more. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)

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