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water temp for spring bullhead

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Dre - usually when it comes into the 40's in the shallower sections of water fished. A lot of places they have started now (best on warm evenings with the wind blowing TOWARD you). I'd say 1/2 inch would work fine on the livers. They usually "home" right in on even small pieces if there in abundance.


P.S. I re-read the original question and I thought when I first answered that it was geared toward when they first seem to start up hitting (e.g. 40's).....50's is more accurate for high activity biting. and Mike (below) is right on target.

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Bite has been good on days that reach 60°. Night bite wait till it stays warm over night. I look for spots that the sun has a chance to warm up. Two shallow tho and you'll find all the 6" bait stealers.

Chicken liver size depends on what your fishing for (cats or bullheads). The bigger the bait the harder to cast. Sometimes in Slower moving water I like to put a big piece on just a hook and let it sit on bottom. The fish usually run to shore or out, either way if the line moves, the fish has it in its mouth. You can also use a slip sinker in fast moving water. I tend to stay away from moving water in the channel. The stinks dissipates to much and you don't get the effect the livers are suppose to produce.

I personally use chicken liver for cat fish, worms for bull head. Bull head are just a bi-catch when waiting for the big cats to move into Montezuma. I spent a lot time down south cat fishing when Katrina hit, waiting on contracts.

From what I have read, 50° water temp is what to look for but I'd say any typical spot that has a had a lot of sun. Good luck.


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